Try Before You Buy

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One of the hardest things to do when we shop online is to try before we buy.
We see the latest, must have fashion item and order! Hey, we even get a discount code that let’s us get it cheaper than the high street.

After a day or so… the package arrives. We try it on. It feels great to put on that NEW little number. We then walk to the mirror to view the results. Erm… no… it doesn’t look as good as we thought. It looked so good on… (insert supermodel of choice), but in the cold light of day it’s got to go back. We’re gutted because of that function… TONIGHT!

We’re now back on the website sorting out the returns policy and then off to the post office and shops to get a replacement – hopefully just in time for tea.

So, why is this relevant? Well, previously with Genesis Brands you couldn’t try before you purchased. We loved the product and those who had created a brand for themselves using Genesis loved it as well, but their purchase had been a leap of faith!

We listened to them and now you can build a brand using our new updated brand engine that allows you to preview everything, make unlimited amends and then, when you are happy, pay and download!

You want to build a brand, so start today and take your place on the world stage.