The Power of People

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We’ve all heard that it’s not what you know it’s who you know and it’s true.

In business, having the right people around you helps you grow significantly, both personally and professionally.

One thing you’ll discover as a leader of a business is that it can get lonely at the top. I have benefited in my journey of entrepreneurship by collaborating, sharing experience and making connections with the help of the following organisations:

NatWest Entrepreneurial Hub: Power Up your business
Imagine being in a room with a group of entrepreneurs, all on a quest to ‘change the world’.

The support and access provided by the entrepreneurial hub in Bristol helped my company Cre8ion (the agency behind Genesis Brands) transition from being part of a charity into a limited company.

The team at Natwest helped us to make bold decisions and commit to being adventurous in order to scale our business and birth

The community of entrepreneurs is second to none, it’s a brave new world of innovators, dreamers and visionaries. If you want to get involved with this rare bunch, you can actually apply here. One thing is for sure, life will never be the same and you’ll be working towards turning your dreams into reality.

Executive Foundation: Stronger, Together, Further
The Executive Foundation provides a platform for us by giving us access to world class teaching, sounding boards and even a recess where we learn to dream bigger.

The Executive Foundation has given me a great peer group that I not only respect but admire. Working together with fellow directors has equipped me to be stronger and more confident. We have supported one another and inspired one another to go further than we all thought possible, overcoming challenges and gaining valuable insights and strategies.

Find out more at

Having the right people around you can transform the way you process life and the challenges you face on a daily basis. Taking one day out of your month to attend the Executive Foundation will improve your leadership skills and make you more confident and effective.

IntroBiz: Your network determines your net worth
Your network determines your net worth. We have worked with the team at IntroBiz to expand our influence to Wales, building new connections and transforming the way we network.

The Introbiz team are truly forward thinking and once you attend one of their networking events you’ll realise that this is how networking is supposed to be.

Their last expo had two world renowned business leaders, Sir Alan Sugar and Grant Cardone headlining with a whole host of other events in support, providing connections that have opened doors of opportunity for thousands of businesses.

Introbiz plan to franchise the business and move to other cities. Why not check them out at ?

If you are an entrepreneur based in the UK we would wholeheartedly recommend involvement with these organisations. Natwest Entrepreneurial Hubs are all over the country, Executive Foundation are well connected in the South West with links all over the country and IntroBiz are about to go national.

If people say business isn’t personal, then they won’t be in business for long. Business is all about building long term relationships to support each other to step out, step up and ultimately step into great opportunity.