The power of D.O.I.N.G.

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You have the idea, you’re excited, you can’t wait to tell everyone (it’s a winner), it will change the world. Then that moment passes, reality returns, the dream remains a dream until you start doing.

An idea is only part of the journey. Getting it done will take commitment, dedication, tenacity and courage to stay the tough times.

Conviction will always trump comfort. Those that play safe fail.
Those that dare to go, grow!

D – Decide – yep that’s right, decide on what it is and commit to it.
Building a brand gives you a head start, but you still have to decide everyday to commit to that story and write a new chapter daily.

O – Organise – those who are not organised are at mercy to those who are. Make sure you have a plan that can. Goals get things done. Doing is what we are about.

I – Invest – Profit in the short term is great, but you should invest for the long term. That means less profitability in the now for more in the future. Build a foundation to scale. Don’t make money your goal, make the conviction of impact your goal. The money comes as your impact gathers momentum.

N – Nurture – Any great business needs to commit to nurturing. Nature is what you start off with, nurture is how you influence. Build a culture around contacts. Your net worth is a result of your network.

G – Great – Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great – JD Rockefeller.
Good keeps you trapped. Don’t get comfortable, it will compromise your conviction.
Great is about legacy, good is about you. Don’t build a business around your comfort but build it around conviction of leaving the world in a better place than when you found it.

Too many people love the journey of leadership but fail to take it on.
Theory is only theory until it’s practiced. Then it’s real.

A business starts with an idea, but an idea only gets traction when you spend your resources on it. Invest your time building a brand and your story will start to write itself.

Doing always beats talking! Start doing great things today by starting with your brand.