The Mission

Make your own company logo for your mission

You’re a new business, you’ve got an idea but then someone asks you “Why….?”

Why don’t you work for someone else, it’s so much easier than Dealing with Tax and VAT?
What if you want a day off sometime soon? How do you know you’ll be a success?

Ultimately, starting anything that’s in line with your tomorrow needs a mission, the reason why.
Too often companies try and reverse engineer the reason, but you are in a unique position whereby you can build with this already in place.

Having a mission – your why, really helps in those difficult days, because you don’t forget why you started, it’s the difference between conviction over comfort.

Many people are living their lives on the quest for comfort but anything worth doing can be anything but comfortable. Yes, selling up, taking risks, investing your life savings into something you believe in does have some short term discomfort but when you know the mission you are on, that makes it all worthwhile.

Don’t confuse mission with vision. Vision is the end goal but can change, whereas mission doesn’t.
It’s the reason why you started, and the reason why you continue and the reason why you keep pushing the boundaries of vision again and again.

NASA’s mission for example is…
“…to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research.”

Once they landed on the moon the vision changed to “Let’s go to Mars! Pushing the vision and exploring new worlds.

As a business you might conquer one market but then look to develop another product that connects with a different audience. Think about a vision of being the no.1 razor for men, and once you’ve done that, what about women?

So as you sit here today, reflect on why you are starting this journey and how you communicate it to your audience and your team, because, as you scale, these things become more important with regard to who joins you on the journey.

When you know the mission and your team know the mission, your future clients will get it as well.

Stay focussed on the mission and make sure that the vision you build towards always relates to why you started.

Mission control is what NASA call its command centre, where everything and everyone is ensuring that they remain true to the purpose, the why.

Don’t get distracted and start building your story today.