The FIVE C’s of cultivating client advocacy

rawpixel 659479 unsplash - The FIVE C’s of cultivating client advocacy

What if every client was a brand advocate?

Just in case you didn’t know, a brand advocate is a person or customer who talks favourably about your brand or product, and then passes on positive word-of-mouth messages about your brand to other people. If they have a wide influence (via a youtube channel or other large social media following, blog or publication, or network) having their advocacy could result in a high return on your investment!

First you need to identify these people who love what you do – but where to find them? The good news is that they are not really that elusive, we are not talking mythical creatures here, brand advocates can be cultivated…. here’s how in 5 easy steps…..


Offer your clients the very best products and services you can, never stint on quality and always go the extra mile. People will remember you for doing more than they asked you to do, that’s called great service!


Celebrate your clients’ wins with them. Contact them and congratulate them when you become aware of their business or personal successes.


Talk to them on social media, keep that conversation going, make sure that they know you are working hard at what you do, always improving your products and services, letting them know when you are offering a discount or a giveaway.


Offer the personal touch where you can. Don’t just communicate by email or phone, try to see them face to face. If this is not practical then use Skype where possible. Even sending a letter is more of a personal touch than an email, people love to get something nice through the letterbox other than demands for payment!


Now phone your clients and ask them how they feel about your product or service. When you get a positive reply transcribe it and then write them an email including the transcription, asking them for their approval to publish what they have said about you on your website.

Remember these 5 C’s can be used anytime in your business and ensure that you cultivate a more meaningful connection, moving from a transactional relationship into a more credible one!