Stay the Pace!

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We’ve all heard “If it was easy everyone would be doing it” when we talk about building a business.
It’s going to take time, talent and a lot of treasure to get things headed in the right direction.

One of the things that make the journey easier is managing your pace. Rest isn’t weakness, it’s what makes us better when we are “on it”. You might not always have the budget to go on a holiday or vacation, but what you can do is manage your weekly habits.

Here’s a few helpful things that should help you on the journey:

Manage your energy rather than just manage time:

When I heard this quoted it seemed like a throw away comment, yet it’s helped amazingly as an entrepreneur. The fact is you can’t be executing 100% all of the time. You will burn out.

Aiming to be consistent is absolutely better. What makes us more consistent is not feeling guilty about resting or changing gears. Sometimes 3.00pm in the afternoon isn’t the most productive time for getting ideas down, so recognize this fact and do something else. Having a 1-2-1 with staff or catching up with a new business connection can be the shift that gets your energy back.

Likewise, know when to say I’m done. Not everyone knows that after they have gone home you’ve stayed behind to plan or had two meetings before they’ve had breakfast. Maybe you’ve had a late night networking (I don’t drink, but early mornings and late nights can steal energy).

You shouldn’t have to hit the wall to rest, find your rhythm and know when rest is best.

Create a business day that works, so you can be the best for your team, your clients and ultimately your family.

Learn the power of a change of scenery:

I love the city. I love people. I lived in the city of Bristol for years. I didn’t notice whilst I was in it, I was always on it.

On a business recess (away from building brands) with the Executive Foundation (Mike Wilsher look him up on LinkedIn), I made the decision to move outside of the city.

The last year has given…

More space to reflect and plan:
We live in the countryside – I can see trees and green spaces, the air is different. I have space to think outside of the noise. The drive home allows me to unpack. I used to live 8 minutes from work and take 45 minutes to get home. Bristol is great but the traffic sucks. Multiple ways to get home means in 20-25 minutes I’m seemingly in another world. Don’t underestimate the power of peace, spiritually, physically and mentally. When you have created that space, you learn to enjoy it.

My children space with their friends:
The children have space to invite friends over. As I type this our house is full of my kids and their friends. Our house has become a holiday destination. We’ve been able to help parents get a bit of me time and our walls are thick enough to hide the screams (of laughter, that is) if I’m writing a blog.

Rest on the mountain but on it in the valleys:
When I’m here I’m out, but when I’m in, I’m on. That mentality relates to the first point. I have more energy. Traveling in, I’m loading up on what needs to happen.

Commit to exercise with another person:

It could be a personal trainer or a running buddy. Team sports take time (a lot of time), in fact I loved playing football with my team (I even built a team, won a few cups), but becoming a Dad and running a business made it hard. You see, when you’re an entrepreneur you have a will to win, running a football team with an ex Man United player encouraged it. We discussed tactics for days in between meetings and business hustle. I couldn’t just play 90 minutes.

Today, I train, twice a week with a PT. It’s scheduled in. It gives me time and after all the aches and pains subside I feel great. Having someone who is working on the data, defining the program and is knowledgeable about overcoming the ageing process (apparently warming up does help in your older years!).

Sometime it’s good to switch off running a brand building business and just start running!

Stay the pace:

These are three things that have allowed me to feel better, flow better and care better.
It takes a while to adjust. You get used to the noise of life and forget that having peace is also just as valuable.

When you give up drinking it’s the same, from that first curry to that first function, not drinking seems weird but eventually you realize you’re back in control of your life. You see things for what they are and have the ability to socialize, interact, have fun and drive home, starting the day on the front foot not the back one.

Build a life you don’t want to escape from and, in doing so, manage you energy levels to make it last.

Darrell Irwin CEO of Genesis, Brand Automation