Selling your story

thomas drouault 793767 unsplash - Selling your story

Telling a story is one thing, but how do you write a story that sells?

One way of doing it is to understand the process behind sales itself. When you understand this journey, you will have a great structure that helps you create a compelling brochure piece.

One of the new features we have included in Genesis Brands is our brochure builder.

Here’s how to sell your story:

APPROACH: Set the scene

First give the name of your company and which industry and sector you are looking to impact. Include the number of years of collective experience your team has and what you each bring to the table. Always say where you are based and the type of clients you are looking to serve.

BIRTH OF NEED: Heal the hurt

This is how you show empathy by putting yourself in the customers’ shoes and identifying with their pain. You need to point them towards the solution and then spend time focusing on common problems, painting a picture.


Why should they buy from you? Explain how you will solve the customer’s pain. Describe the benefits of using your products and services rather than just listing them.

Articulate what it is about your company that makes you unique and different from your competition. How do you add value to your customers? Express it here in this section.


Often people have concerns that stop them buying. Time, money or risk are all common obstacles to purchasing, so allaying any concerns by showing evidence of industry statistics, testimonials and previous successes all help you win a sale.

CLOSURE: Call to action

Think of a call to action, a compelling close which will act as a final incentive to make that purchase. Often companies offer an incentive (like 15% off) to do business and get people adopting their new product or service.