C0E9A6DD 85B2 41E6 9BD9 F8690A022189 - SCALING FORWARD (Part 1)

Building your business from a one man band to a team effort is a challenge most of us have to face. No matter how talented, brave and good looking you are, you can’t get to where you are headed on your own.
Building a team determines whether you will thrive, not just survive.

So how do you build a team? It’s more than just getting a few people on board because they are on a journey too.
Here are a few hints and tips that we’ve picked up along the way:

You don’t have to fix everything:
The world doesn’t revolve around you and neither should your business. You might have the talent but you have to work yourself out of a job. If someone can do a task 80% as well as you then let them do it. Trust is the very thing that helps people take ownership and it grows your vision.

The importance of staying ahead:
Good leaders read. Great leaders read and build relationships with those further ahead.
We must learn from others that have been before us even if they are younger than us. Being open about our journey and understanding others’ journey helps bring confidence when things don’t go as planned.

You will fail but it doesn’t have to be fatal:
How many of us have made mistakes? All of us. Yet, in these mistakes we learned a lot (more often how not to do things). So when we don’t always get it right, we need to learn and then become better. People don’t set out to make mistakes, they set out to be the best they can be, mistakes happen. See them as an opportunity to teach, train and transform your business. As you scale you will find the processes you started with will no longer stand. Mistakes often highlight what needs to change so that your business becomes stronger.

Hire around your weaknesses:
You don’t want everyone looking like you, what you need is to find people who are smarter than you. Where you start is hiring in areas you are weak. For instance, if you don’t like numbers, hire someone who loves them. You might be able to outsource some elements thus taking half the time without you having to learn a million new skills.

Create the culture you want by listening:
With no vision people fade into the background. Do something different. Revolutionary for you.
Some companies have breakfast together, others take days out or even plan trips. Work is important but let’s have fun along the journey. Be brave. One of the best things we have heard recently is a company adopting a four day work week, on a two week cycle. The fifth day on week one is a day off to chill out (yes a day off), the fifth day on the second week is a research and development day where the team can focus on a project. Google managed to build G-Mail and Maps as a result of a similar approach (80% on work, and 20% research and development).

Hire for character not just talent:
Growing a team is uncomfortable and getting the hire right is always a skill. Make sure you do your research and make sure that team members fit your culture. Remember, once they are on board, your job is helping them be the best they can be.
Talent is great, we all need that, but you also need team players and that requires character.

Building a business is hard and at times you will need to take a rest. Don’t expect everyone to put in the extra hours like you do. Some will and some won’t but make sure that everyone enjoys their job and, whilst a member of your team, is committed to delivering results.

If you have any hints and tips then please email us [email protected]