Making your message count “double”

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Many of us have a great idea but only the brave persevere and execute their idea, making something from nothing!

Telling the world about your new invention, your solution to people’s pain, is often where the hard work begins – its about making sales, right?

As a start-up or as a business looking to change direction, brand is one of the key ways to ‘share your story’ and more importantly, share what makes you different. One way of doing this is by using an “Onliness Statement” (a term originally coined by Marty Neumeier in his book “Zag”). Answering the question of what makes you ONLY challenges you as the founder or CEO of the company to share what makes you different. Different is good, different is innovation, different should challenge what is normal, but ultimately different should increase your visibility in the marketplace.

Using an “Onliness Statement” is something that Genesis Brands helps you execute, giving your marketing and sales a platform from which to operate. Here is a brief outline of how you should fill one out. Take a bit of time and once you have it nailed, if you ever get stuck in an elevator with a potential customer, investor or even PR guru, you’ll know what to say.

COMPANY NAME] IS THE ONLY (CATEGORY) ______________________________
THAT (DIFFERENTIATION CHARACTERISTIC)___________________________________
FOR (CUSTOMER) ________________________________________________________
IN (MARKET GEOGRAPHY) _________________________________________________
WHO (NEED STATE) _____________________________________________________
DURING (UNDERLYING TREND)__________________________________________

So, how does that work for Genesis Brands? It gives you an understanding of how best to craft your narrative and make a mark in the marketplace.

Genesis Brands is the only brand automation tool that builds your brand in 20 minutes, complete with a brand cloud and printed brand book, for dreamers and innovators in the start up and entrepreneur space who need to tell their story during a time where speed and cost are vital for launching “lean”.

As you can see, the proposition is explained in a quick and simple manner.
It might take a little bit of time, but once you have done it, you will not only have a great product or innovative service, you’ll be moving towards getting a great brand message that counts “double”.