Make Your Mark!

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A blank page.

So, we’ve all been there. White. Blank. Clean. Staring right back at you.
Space. Lots of it. Intimidating.

You uncap your pen and your ready to make your mark.

So, where do you start? Well, at the beginning, of course.

Three ways to get your idea to build momentum from conception:

It’s got to be in your heart and not just in your mind:
An idea comes from a passion. Your passion. A passion to make a difference. What’s the ONE thing you can do….that great idea that you are brave enough to run with?

It’s not only got to stand out but stand up:
Your idea has to be tested. It’s got to be different AND robust enough to stand up to scrutiny.
Feedback isn’t your enemy, it’s the fuel that refines good to make it great.

It must not only soothe the pain, but prevent it from coming back:
We have to solve our audience’s pain point and make the experience so good that the root cause of pain has been dealt with. Your idea must leave those that found it better for knowing it.

Back to that page, that cold white page of blank paper.

Just start. Make a mess, sketch, colour outside the lines, be free. Exploring an idea is half the fun. Someone once dared to think it was possible to land on the moon and you know what, they did (forget the conspiracies).

You see, ideas nurtured around these three points become more than ideas, they become pointers for a way of life. They become all consuming, world changing, generation inspiring and after all, isn’t that why we live, to dream?

Life is so much more fun when we live to make our mark.