Focussing on the Right Things

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Many things clamor for our attention as an entrepreneur. We have to wear many different hats and meeting the demands of now can be more than a little taxing.

So how do you keep everything running in the now with one eye on the future?

Here are a few tips to keep you focussed:

Everything changes:
One thing you can be sure of is change. Whether things are going really well or you’ve had an exceptionally tough week, things change. We have to learn to both anticipate things and to build resilience. Don’t forget why you started, its easy to lose focus in the trying times.

Resource weaknesses:
You cannot do everything and outsourcing may appear to cost in the short-term but for the long-term things really get going. If you are not the strongest in admin, staff it or outsource it for example. Don’t try and be a WordPress Developer if you’ve never done it before or design your company logo using clip art. Focus on your strengths. If you hate doing the books, find someone who loves it!

Enjoy rest:
Being always on is difficult. Here’s a revelation. You don’t have to be.
The question you have to answer is this, does the business have you or do you have the business?
Ultimately, you need to have the business. Yes, there’ll be seasons of trying times BUT know that you are building the business that you want to see and that it will give you options.
If you don’t rest you won’t be the best for anyone. Learn when to say no.

Team answers:
As you begin to assemble your team you’ll know that they will have a better steer on what is happening on the ground. Empower them to solve problems rather than being the super hero.
If you keep stepping in to ‘rescue’ situations then that’s how you’ll be seen. No one else will rise up, take responsibility and carry the weight. When you empower people in this manner they might not always get it right but your job is to ensure they become more consistent, confident and committed to making a difference.

Purposeful impact:
The measure of your success should be more to do with impact than money.
You get the impact right, money will follow. Leading with purpose in mind creates the best opportunities and attracts the right people around you. When people get your purpose, you’ll be easier to refer, more memorable and ultimately celebrated.

Running a business takes a lot of time, talent and treasure but remain confident in why you started in the first place and keep an eye out for those people who have done the journey before.

When you focus on the right things, you’ll make room for others and grow a business that continues to thrive on passion and grows on purpose.