Fashioning your brand for your audience

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Confidence is having clarity – knowing what it is that makes your company a cut above the rest.

One of the hardest things for an entrepreneur to do is to zone down.

To zone down is to focus on a particular target market.

World domination starts by building a focused reputation.

What do you want to be famous for? Maybe it’s cutting hair for the masses. In order to become well known you need to be unique.

If I drew one hundred black and white stick men on a white board nothing would stand out but the large number of stick men. However, if I changed one black and white man to orange, among the one hundred the orange one will stand out.

That’s our job at Genesis Brands, we help you to articulate what it is that makes you unique!

When you know who you are and what makes you different, you are zoning down and things will start to change. You immediately gain an advantage when networking, because you know what, how, why and most importantly with whom to do business. That is not to say that you discount everyone, you just need to stay focused.

So, back to hair cutting with an audience in mind…

You make a choice to be different, unique:

Single mums could be your target market and you could offer value based treatments to help them look and feel special. Life can be tough when you are raising a family on your own, so give them a break and treat them like royalty. Purple would become your signature colour as purple is associated with royalty. All your tools become purple, from scissors to signage and towels to tongs. Let’s call it the Purple Princess.

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Be specific and find out how many single mums there are in your area:

Using the tools of empathy (putting yourself in their shoes), and how you add value (making them feel special) you now understand your audience.

Empathy – How to help.

Go mobile, travel to them, make life easier for your customers.

Add Value – Feel Special.

Put a throne in the van, make sure it is portable, then carry it in and cut their hair on the throne!

Now, when you go networking, you have clarity and the confidence to stand out, which all goes to helping you gain a cutting edge!

When you zone down, you can help others throne up!