Come Again?

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It has been said that repetition is the motor of all learning and it’s true as far as brand marketing is concerned. Whatever message you’re communicating, it needs to be repeated consistently, via every product you launch or service you provide. Your brand is essentially this: the message you choose to communicate repeatedly in many different, engaging ways to build an audience. If your brand is consistent across all your marketing material then your clients will receive the message that A) you care and B) If they come to you they will be well cared for.

So, what is the message behind your brand?

What is your brand about? Do you know what your mission, vision and values are? Here is a quick reminder:

Your mission is your ‘why’? It is your motivation and your purpose.
Your vision is the future, where you want to take your brand.
Your values are the things that you hold to be important and expect your staff to as well.

Your mission, vision and values will be articulated more effectively with a consistent look and feel to your brand. Professionalism, excellence and quality will all be communicated via uniformity in your brand’s message and appearance. The message must be repeated constantly, from business logo to pop up stands and website to flyers. Repetition and consistency inspire trust and cause people to choose you over the competition.

Don’t allow inconsistency in look and feel to detract from your message. If you are selling a luxury item, for instance, and your marketing materials lack consistency you are communicating that your standards are not that high and the item is not worth the money you are asking for it. In order to avoid brand inconsistencies why not try a Genesis Brand for your business? A Genesis Brand will ensure that anything you’re creating (whether it’s a social media post, a brochure, or a logo) communicates a consistent message about your brand.

Ultimately, the power of a brand is what others say about it. Being consistent and adding value will give people the right things to say.