Building an “audience first” brand

rawpixel 665371 unsplash - Building an "audience first" brand

How do you build an “audience first” brand?


The simple answer to this question is a whole load of empathy which gives you permission to add value.

Too often we make brand about graphic design and less about engaging the audience.

Our team mantra has always been “The right story always gets the right type of enquiry.”

If you are attracting the wrong audience you need to change your narrative.

Forget speaking at people, AKA the “broadcast approach”. When networking, people sometimes just hand out their business card and expect everyone in the room to do business with them, only it doesn’t work as people think that you’re just in it for you.

People who are successful in networking understand the power of relationship, and relationship cultivates empathy. Building a brand is like networking, it involves taking time to get to know someone.

It’s no longer buy now because the price is right, contemporary brands that last are brands that engage, share how they might change the world and focus on understanding your pain or your struggle. They are obsessed with the problem and what its solution looks like.

When someone gets to know you, you then add value, which has more to do with love. As business people we want our customers to love our products, but first we need to love our customers!

Value is going the extra mile, making people smile. Adding value is linked to your values (see last blog) and makes people feel special. It’s that follow up call, that email a few days after you received the product or remembering someone’s birthday. Those moments make us remember the brand, create loyalty and ultimately turn the customer into an advocate, the holy grail of business growth!

So understand your audience, and get out there and add value!