So… you’ve got a great idea and a nifty business plan and you’re now ready to build your company. Or, maybe you don’t yet have the business plan but you’ve got a dream and you want to reach for the stars and see what this looks like from a creative perspective.

Well, we’ve been there too and, having spent a lot of time speaking to people just like you, we realised that building a brand is necessary for any business particularly a “start up”. The problem is that it seems like it will cost the earth! We get it, launching out is scary and although spending money to make money makes sense, you want the best solution for right now.

So, our creative agency, Cre8ion, put our heads together in our creative space and, with the help of technology, Genesis Brands was born. An innovative solution to a burdensome problem! Imagine answering a few questions about your business and its unique features with a few more about the feel of your company and press the button, Boom! You’re done!

Well, welcome to brand automation. Yep, that’s right. In the time it takes to answer our questions here, you’ll have a brand online and the tools are instantly accessible.

Get Started

People said it couldn’t be done, (people said you couldn’t land on the moon) and in true entrepreneurial fashion we proved them wrong, just like you’re going to do now. So now, you can build your mission, vision, values, company logo, colours, fonts, copy-writing guides, images, flyers, leaflets, pop up stand and stationery in minutes, not weeks.

Brand is more than a logo, and working with us, you’ll have everything you need to launch with confidence and embrace the adventure of conquering new worlds!