A Brand is More Than a Logo

A Brand is more than company logo design

You’re an entrepreneur with a lot of drive, but you are still in the process of working out how to build your empire. You’ve already patented your idea and you’ve written your business plan.

However, you don’t yet have a clear idea of what your logo should be and what exactly is your business going to look like? You know that you have a great product but you’ll need to sell some of it before you can afford to engage a marketing company to brand your business and you simply don’t have the time to do it well yourself.

Millions of pounds are spent every year on marketing, designing clever logos and looks, but often failing to engage the right kind of enquiry. It’s all about telling the right story, the logo is just the front cover.

Your story comes from your mission, vision and values. Your mission is your purpose, it’s why you started the business in the first place. Your vision is where you want to get to, your end goal. Your values create the culture of the business, you will recruit staff according to your values. Your values will keep you on the path to achieve your vision whilst executing your mission.

So how exactly do you go about telling your story through your brand, with little time and money to spare?

Genesis Brands, an automated brand revolution, allows you to brand your business at the push of a button. With Genesis Brands, all you need is a great product, a knowledge of your mission, vision and values and ten minutes. You can build your reputation at a modest price before even making a sale. We have the tools to tell your story, that’s our expertise. You can work on your expertise, we’ve taken care of the rest.

Your story begins with Genesis Brands……